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Wedgit Pet Doors
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We are a family owned and run business with operations in New Jersey and manufacturing operations in Iowa. Having experience with installing pet door panels in sliding patio doors, we found that the panels were not as easy to install and make weather tight as many manufacturers would have you believe. In fact, nearly all pet door panels are marketed as not needing tools to install, but if you ever attempted to install a pet door panel, you know it requires tools.

We decided there has to be a better way, a pet door panel that is easy to transport, easy to install providing a superior thermal barrier that required no drilling into your patio door, and no disassembly of your patio door lock. In other words, a pet door panel that truly does not require tools to install and will not result in damaging your patio door and possibly voiding your patio door manufacturer’s warranty.

We focused on making the installation and use of a patio door pet door panel as convenient for the consumer to install and use as it is for the pet to use.

In the process of developing a more user friendly pet door panel, we developed a more user friendly security bar style lock the Wedgit® Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window and Door Lock. This is the only lock of its type that requires absolutely no tools or drilling into your door or window frame and can be installed in less than a minute. When used on a sliding patio door the lock can be installed at a convenient height or a little higher to keep it out of the reach of small children.

There are two size locks; a MINI with an adjustable range of 15” to 25” ideally suited for use on sliding patio doors with pet door panels installed and on smaller sliding or single hung windows and a MAXI with an adjustable range of 25” to 42” ideally suited as a security bar for most sliding patio doors* and larger sliding and single hung windows. There are few moving parts and the lock has tested to over 600 lbs. of pressure in compression tests. The Wedgit® Portable Pet Portal and Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window and Door Lock incorporates the ease of installation and convenience of use that is typical of our design philosophy.

Look for more innovative Wedgit products coming soon.
* May not be suited for sliding doors with outside sliding panels

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